Elite Camp 2024

Coming to Blue Bell Country Club

What we offer

Work with the Elite pros to develop your entire game! Whether you are a newer player, training for USTA junior tournaments or a middle school / high school player – we can help you get to the next level. We will focus on your entire game – shot production, shot tolerance, skill refinement and decision making. Become an “Elite” player!


Level 1

10 & 11 Years Old

Build a strong foundation of footwork and stroke production – groundstrokes, volley, and serve.

Level 2

12 & 13 Years Old

Advance foundational strokes with emphasis on consistency – Introduce point play.

Level 3

Middle School

Improve player’s game with placement and spin. Emphasis on shot selection during point play

Level 4

High School

Preparing for the school team and tournament play, advanced drills, footwork, decision-making, and match play.

Level 5

Tournament and College Prep

For experienced high school and tournament players – Focus on strategy and decision-making. Expand player’s shot repertoire, physical fitness, build UTR and tennis maturity.


Our team has worked across the country in elite academies with top-flight players – now is your chance to learn from them and train with them.

Will Choy

Will Choy is the managing director of the Elite Tennis Group. Will played college tennis at NYU and began training as a teaching professional in various clubs in NYC. After taking a leave from tennis to pursue a legal and business career, Will returned to teaching at Magarity Tennis Club in Flourtown where he’s spent the last 15 years. During his time at Magarity, Will has developed dozens of highly ranked USTA high school and college players. Additionally, Will has trained numerous teaching professionals who have gone on to work in the area’s renowned country clubs.

Paloma Escobedo

Paloma Escobedo is one of our Guest Professionals and player mentor. Paloma was a top-ranked junior in Southern California before relocating her training to the John Newcombe Academy in Texas, where she developed into a blue-chip recruit. Paloma accepted a full tennis scholarship from Ohio State University, where she played #1 singles and doubles and earned MVP honors in 2010. After graduation, Paloma competed in professional tournaments on the WTA Challenger circuit. What makes Paloma an outstanding teaching professional are her skills, experience, and desire to mentor young players.

Ellie Perrin

Ellie Perrin grew up playing tennis in Middle States and went on to play at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Ellie is an underclassman but was nonetheless selected as team captain and represents her team on multiple athletic committees. She is pursuing a degree in Media and Culture with a minor in Journalism. Having spent time at several tennis clubs in the area, Ellie is excited to continue her coaching career with Elite Tennis after starting in the winter of 2022. She loves sharing her passion for tennis with students of all levels.

Register Now!

Registration is now open but will close once we reach capacity for each week.

Fees are expected at time of registration to complete the application.

Contact us for more information.

215-490-0502  EliteTennis2021@gmail.com


Cost: $500/week (20 hours of training)

Daily drop in rate: $130/day

Maximum players each week: 15-18 players


Elite Tennis Camp Summer 2024

New Expanded Hours: 9:00-2:00 (Monday-Thursday)

Week 1: June 17-June 20
Week 2: June 24-June 27
Week 3: July 1-3 and July 5
Week 4: July 8-July 11
Week 5: July 15-July 18
Week 6: July 22-July 25
Week 7: July 29-August 1
Week 8: August 5-August 8